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Sandalwood figures "The Inseperables", large

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Sandalwood Figures "The Inseparables", large

Surely we can say of these beautiful, slender sandalwood figures that they are cut from the same cloth - truly inseparably. A total of four people "grow out" of this log.

Sandalwood sculptures from Mozambique

African Sandelwood is a local wood species called Tamboti. This rough and fibrous wood species is particularly popular in Mozambique for to carve out these decorative wooden figures that seem to grow out of the wood. When the wood sculpture is polished, it gets a reddish brown luster.

Wooden figures with attention to detail

In addition, the figures are deliberately sprinkled by the artists from Mozambique with colour accents and decorated with small headscarfs made of cloth. This lovingly detailed collection of sandalwood sculptures makes it unique and unmistakable. They are much more than just a fantastically beautiful Africa decoration, but rather true works of art from the South of Africa.

Measures: approx. 23 x 9 x 4 cm

Every wooden sculpture is unique

Please note that each of these wooden figures is of course made by hand in Mozambique. Since each figure is unique, slight variations of images and descriptions in terms of size, colour, design and weight are largely unavoidable.