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Recycling art keyring "Ente"

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Recycling Art Keyring "Deux-Chevaux"

This funny keychain "Deux-Chevaux", a miniature replica of the legendary Citroen 2CV, made from sheet metal of recycled beverage cans and various other material, is guaranteed to be look on your keychain!
The Citroën 2CV (French deux chevaux = "two horses"), commonly called "duck" in Germany and Austria, was a popular model of the French car manufacturer Citroën with an air-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine and front-wheel drive. Between summer 1949 and mid-1990, more than 3.8 million four-door sedans and over 1.2 million vans were produced.

Key pendant "2CV" as a small gift

The funny  little key-pendant with the legendary Citroen "2CV" is handmade in Madagascar. This makes it not only a great ornament for your key chain, but also ideal for someone looking for unusual gift ideas. Not only car fans are looking forward to it.

Small pendant made in pure handcraft

The fancy, small pendant for your keychain consists of tin of beverage cans, which is elaborately crafted into a mini car. And on the key ring, your keys will certainly find a suitable place.
Dimensions: about 4.5 x 2.5 x 3 cm

Each key pendant is pure handmade

As each key pendant is handcrafted in Madagascar, slight variations in size, colours, shape and finish in comparison to the pictures and descriptions are common.This key chain is Township art at its best.