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Metal figurine bird "waxwing"

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Metal figurine bird "waxwing"

A real enrichment for every balcony or any terrace is this fascinating, small metal figurine bird "waxwing". But of course it can also be used within every apartment as an extraordinary decorative object.

Recycling art at its finest

Two brothers in Zimbabwe make these great, small birds from old oil drums, plates, screws, tubes and wires with incredible skill and attention to detail. Use the small figurine on your shelf or the balcony table and enjoy the sight of this great recycling work.

Size: approx. 14 x 6 x 5 cm

Each bird is pure handmade

Each of these fascinating little waxwings is made in Zimbabwe by local artists from recycled raw materials. So, slight deviations from the description and illustrations in regard to dimensions, colours, shapes and design are quite possible.

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