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Metal figure "Meerkat", approx. 30 cm

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Metal figure "Meerkat"

Who does not know and love the cute little meerkats in zoos - attracting our views with their comical appearance and their group behavior - but also in Africa in the wild? 

Get the "Surikate" home

Now you have the opportunity to keep a meerkat (also "Surikate" called) at home - and all without the hassle or cost of food, cleaning an enclosure. For these metal figure "Meerkats" are made ??from recycled metals for each balcony, garden or terrace. But of course, you can place the figure even in your home. Wherever - these new residents will be a great African decorative object and the eye-catcher par excellence! 

Recycling art at its finest

Two brothers in Zimbabwe create these animals from old oil drums, sheet metal, screws, tubes and wires with incredible skill and attention to detail.

Dimensions: approx. 30 x 23 x 12 cm 

Each meerkat is entirely handmade

Each of these fascinating little animals is made in Zimbabwe by local artists from recycled raw materials. Therefore, slight variations in terms of dimensions, colours, shape and design in comparison to the descriptions and pictures may occur.

  • beautiful recycling figure meerkats
  • for balcony, garden or indoor use
  • handmade in Zimbabwe
  • about 30 cm tall


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