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Ihlali salt and pepper shakers "giraffe"

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Salt and pepper shakers "giraffe"

This fascinating salt and pepper shakers with giraffe pattern will surely amaze your guests.

Because the salt and pepper shakers, which are decorated with beautiful giraffe patterns are not made ??of wood. By the time one takes them in his hand, you realize that they are too light for wood.

Instead, these shakers "giraffe" are made from the seeds of the green monkey orange tree.


Salt and pepper shakers made ??of natural product

This table decoration is made by hand: The "Monkey Apples" are cut, hollowed out and cleaned. Then the bottom is closed again. A small opening provided with a cork ensures that you can refill the spices slightly. Finally, the balls are painted on the outside with giraffe pattern.

This shaker set "giraffe" is a fantastically beautiful table decoration in African style and a real eye-catcher on every lovingly laid table.

  • Diameter: 6,5 cm
  • Height: 4.5 cm


Entirely handmade from South Africa

Please note that the spices set is handmade in South Africa. Small variations in terms of size or design compared to the specified dimensions and images are possible.