Audio book "Afrika erzählt": Zakes Mda - Der Walrufer

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Audio book "Afrika erzählt": Zakes Mda - Der Walrufer


On three CDs, Christian Ulmen reads the novel by Zakes Mda from South Africa, who grew up in Soweto and Lesotho. With his laconic way of speaking, Ulmen brings the poetic and magical moments of the love story of the whale caller to the point. With original whale songs.German Audio Book Award 2008.


The content

Hermanus, the world capital of the whales, is a picturesque backdrop for the unusual love triangle between one of the most impressive sea animals, a female smooth whale, a man and a woman. A fairytale love story, sad, but beautiful.


The author

Zakes Mda, born in 1948, grew up in Soweto and Lesotho and lived many years in exile in the United States. He is considered one of the most performed playwrights of South Africa. His plays and novels have been awarded several times.


"Mdas heroes create a life of surprising, almost magical beauty."
Jason Overdorf, Newsweek


3 CDs
total run time: approx. 231 minutes
in German language 


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