Audio book "Afrika erzählt": Antilopenmond - Love poetry to the sounds of West African music

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Audiobook "tell Africa": Antelope Moon

Love poetry to the sounds of West Africa


On this CD famous speakers read love poems from countries south of the Sahara to the sounds of West African music. German Audio Book Award 2008.


The content

For the first time musicians from West Africa and famous speakers from the audiobook edition "Afrika erzählt" came together with West African musicians in a studio to record poems from countries South of the Sahara. With pure joy they created magic moments of sensuality and melancholy. The studio work became a session, it was as if the ancient spirits of the griots and the today's artists would celebrate a feast for the senses.


The speakers and musicians

The love poems are read by Eva mattes, Roman Knižka, Nina Petri, Jacques Breuer, Anna Thalbach, Udo Samel, Patrick O. Beck, Hans Peter Hallwachs and Manfred Zapatka.

Their readings are accompanied by the sounds of West Africa with Mamadou Diabate from Burkina Faso (Balafon) and Mamadou Diabate from Mali (Kora).

1 CD
total running time: 45 minutes
Lyrics read in German language 


Track list:

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  1.       1.   Meine Liebste - 1'48 play audio sample
  2.       2.   Sex wie Licht - 2'23 play audio sample
  3.       3.   Wie von Liebe sprechen - 1'14 play audio sample
  4.       4.   Principe mon amour - 1'13 play audio sample
  5.       5.   Eine Hand aus Licht - 1'57 play audio sample
  6.       6.   Brief eines Wanderarbeiters - 1'39 play audio sample
  7.       7.   Überlassen von Liebe - 3'11 play audio sample
  8.       8.   Weshalb zögerst du - 1'55 play audio sample
  9.       9.   Mantel der Morgenröte - 3'15 play audio sample
  10.      10.   Liebeslied - 1'13 play audio sample
  11.      11.   Liebestrank - 3'33 play audio sample
  12.      12.   Verliebt in einen Stuhl - 2'49 play audio sample
  13.      13.   Nichts weiß ich - 2'17 play audio sample
  14.      14.   Zusammenleben - 1'59 play audio sample
  15.      15.   Mein Land ist eine Musik - 1'58 play audio sample
  16.      16.   Schwarzes, weißes Mädchen - 1'44 play audio sample
  17.      17.   Du schläfst - 2'08 play audio sample
  18.      18.   Sei immer wie an diesem Tag - 1'35 play audio sample
  19.      19.   Du kommst wieder - 5'44 play audio sample