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Necklace "Shining Plates"

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Necklace "Shining Plates"

This necklace made of hematite appears fascinating and elegant, because it looks like metal, but it is a stone that obtained a shiny, almost metallic surface by polishing. The necklace boasts about 6 bigger stone segments, which will look beautiful on your neckline. The entire length of the necklace is decorated with small hematite beads.


Quality workmanship

These necklaces, that are handmade in Kenya, are of high quality and can be securely closed with a screw cap. The individual decorative elements are threaded on a non-stretchable yarn, so the chain does not lose its shape.

Length: approximately 46 cm


Handmade in Kenya

Since this hematite necklace is handmade from a natural product, variations in size, colour and design compared to the pictures and descriptions are possible.