Large ceramic bowl "Animal Print", 21 cm

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Large ceramic bowl "Animal Print", 21 cm

Versatile is this absolutely wonderful ceramic dish from South Africa - whether as serving bowl, soup bowl, vegetable dish - or simply as a decorative bowl to offer tasty snacks at the table.

The beautiful, hand-painted bowls from the company Kapula from South Africa stand for quality and wonderful design. The ceramic bowls are decorated with leaves and animal tracks as motif.

Each bowl individual

Each bowl is hand painted and unique. That's what makes these bowls so beautiful - because each one is unique.

A unique tableware

The ceramic bowls are made by the company Kapula from Bredasdorp, near Cape Town, entirely by hand.

This is precisely what distinguishes the multi-purpose bowls from the usual assembly line work from China. Each one is painted individually and lovingly by hand. Therefore, no two ceramic bowls equal each other and each comes up with a great new design.

The company Kapula produces ceramics and candles and stands for superior quality and beautiful designs. Among the dishes you will also find the suitable candles in design "Animal Print" in our product range.

Suitable for dishwasher and microwave

The ceramic bowls with animal tracks designs you can easily put it in the dishwasher. In addition, they are microwave-safe.

  • Height: 9 cm
  • Diameter: 21 cm

Entirely handmade from South Africa

Please note that the bowls are made entirely by hand in South Africa. Differences in terms of colours, patterns and sizes compared to pictures and descriptions are possible.

  • ceramic bowl with animal tracks as motive
  • held in beautiful earth tones
  • handmade from Cape Town
  • 9 cm high, diameter: 21 cm