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Exclusive wooden mask "Baule Tribe" with shells and beads, unique specimen

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Exclusive wooden mask "Baule Tribe" with shells and beads, unique specimen

This wooden mask, which comes from the Ivory Coast and is a unique piece, makes the heart of every collector and African fan beat faster.

Decorative wooden mask with shells and beads

In particular, the cladding of the wooden mask with shells and beads attracts the eye of the beholder. The shells and beads were subsequently applied to this beautiful mask in the most elaborate handwork, making them a real asset to any home.

On the Ivory Coast, the Baule represent the largest ethnic group in the country with more than 20 percent. Their way of life is traditionally shaped by agriculture and they are known for their great individuality. The most important works of art at the Baule are masks and figures, but everyday objects are also designed by artists.

This wooden mask was used for ceremonies to celebrate the end of the year. A wonderfully beautiful African decoration and a real eye-catcher for your home.

Hanging or stand-up mask

You can use the Baule mask as a fine wall decoration. A hanger is not included.

If you really want to set up the mask in a representative manner, we recommend that you order the appropriate stand directly. The stands were made exclusively for us from natural iron steel and are precisely adapted to your mask. This is how the whole beauty of this African mask comes into its own.

Dimensions: approx. 53 x 27 x 16 cm
Weight: approx.1,850 g
Delivery without stand (available for a surcharge)

Unique piece made entirely by hand

Please note that these masks were made entirely by hand in Central Africa. Since it is a one-off, you will receive exactly the mask shown here. Please note that the delivery time is extended by approx. 2-3 working days if you also order the appropriate stand, as this will be specially adapted to your mask.