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Ceramic spoonrest "Xhosa"

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Ceramic spoonrest "Xhosa"

Have you also already often wondered where to put the serving spoon at the dining room table? With this practical ceramic spoonrest, you will save your best tablecloth from ugly stains. Thus, the spoon holder is an ideal addition to any festive table. For the beautiful, hand-painted holders of the company Julian Keyser from South Africa stand for quality and beautiful design. The spoonrests are held in noble black and white colours and are decorated with geometric patterns from the Xhosa tribe.


Versatile spoon holder

The ceramic holder is suitable not only as storage for a used spoon. You can also sever finger food in the spoonrests - or you can use it to offer small sauces and dips. Your imagination is the only limit when using this practical helper at the table.


Each spoonrest unique

The ceramic sppon holders are produced by the company Julian Keyser in Bredasdorp, in the vicinity of Cape Town, entirely by hand.

This is precisely what distinguishes the ceramic goods from the usual assembly line work from China. Each vessel is individually and lovingly hand painted. Therefore, none resembles the other and each comes with a new, great design on.

The company Julian Keyser produces ceramics, linen and trays and stands for pure handwork and beautiful designs. Learn more about this wonderful handmade ceramics from Africa.

Please note that minor errors, colour dots etc. are typical for the articles by Julian´s, because this manufacturer wants their products to be recognized as pure manual work.

Matching the holders, you may also find suitable plates and other ceramics in the design "Xhosa" in our product range.


Suitable for dishwasher and microwave

The spoonrest can be put in the dishwasher. They are also microwaveable.

Dimensions: 20 x 7 x 3 cm


Completely handmade in South Africa

Please note that the spoonrest "Xhosa" is made entirely by hand in South Africa. Differences in terms of colours, patterns and sizes in relation to illustrations and descriptions are possible.