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CD Freshlyground - Ma´Cheri

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CD Freshlyground - Ma´Cheri

The group Freshlyground is unchallenged shooting star in South Africa at the moment and their album "Ma'Cheri" has been their best published disc so far. On the disc the band which is already known far beyond South Africa's borders presents neat pop song to which you have move your body. The word "fresh" is representing not only their modern music style, the new South Africa and the "rainbow generation" but also their configuration as black-white mixed band. And so you can hear international understanding also in music.

ATTENTION: The music of this South African band can be addictive!

We are absolute positive that this album will be played all the time on your CD player because of this unbelievable lovely and neat music of this great band you can not get enough. Look forward to an authentic piece of the modern South Africa - and enjoy this great music. That is the way South Africa sounds today!


Song track list:

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  1.       1.   Ma´Cheri - 4'31 Hörprobe abspielen
  2.       2.   Desire - 4'13 Hörprobe abspielen
  3.       3.   Pot Belly - 4'15 Hörprobe abspielen
  4.       4.   Ask me - 4'26 Hörprobe abspielen
  5.       5.   Baby tonight - 4'51 Hörprobe abspielen
  6.       6.   Fired up - 4'11 Hörprobe abspielen
  7.       7.   Go Gorilla - 4'18 Hörprobe abspielen
  8.       8.   Arms of Steel - 4'32 Hörprobe abspielen
  9.       9.   Pink Confetti - 3'47 Hörprobe abspielen
  10.      10.   Zulu Lounge - 5'52 Hörprobe abspielen
  11.      11.   Ivana - 4'18 Hörprobe abspielen
  12.      12.   Umalume - 5'15 Hörprobe abspielen
  13.      13.   Crimson smile - 3'36 Hörprobe abspielen
  14.      14.   Manikiniki - 6'00 Hörprobe abspielen
  15.      15.   Air Hostess - 4'09 Hörprobe abspielen

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