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Wire lettering "Cape Town"

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Wire lettering "Cape Town"

You will be definitely envied for this lettering "Cape Town", an extraordinary wall decoration from Africa. The letterings are made of recycled wire in South Africa for African Attitude exclusively. Please note our other offers of wire letterings.


Wire lettering as extraordinary wall decoration 

The lettering forming the word "Cape Town" can be hung up easily with a few small screws or nails (not included in delivery) by lacing the fastener through the small eyelets created by flexing the wire.


You will see daylight

Especially the lettering comes to it own when you hang it on your wall with a distance of one to two centimetres, frame it (not included in delivery) and illuminate it with a small spotlight at night. People passing this original wall decoration will have the impression that the lettering's shadows are moving. Please note the other lettering made in the same way in our selection.

Measurement: 34 x 12 cm


Every wire lettering is made in pure handcraft

 Because every wire lettering is made in pure handcraft in South Africa for African Attitude exclusively there might be little differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurement and colours.