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African drum "Djembe", large, black

Item number AMX0015-04-02

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African drum  "Djembe", large

With this original Ghanaian African drum "Djembe" Africa finds its way to your home. This stunning Africa drum is not only a  fancy African decoration but also a great instrument with which you can create African sounds.

Rhythm instrument similar to a Konga

This gorgeous percussion instrument is made in extensive handcraft in Ghana. It is similar to a Bongo or a Konga and has an amazing unique sound. The African's drum's pitch can be adapted by tightening or loosening the cords which hold the skin covering. For such a great African music instrument you will be definitely envied.

Every Djembe is unique

All Djembes are decorated with artful carvings and extensive paintings. As every instrument is a real unique piece of art handmade in Ghana, you get exactly the exemplar which is described and pictured here.

Measurements: 62 x 35 cm